CCS State of the Art Technology

January 24, 2011 No Comments by jkelley

Capital Courier State of the Art Tracking System

Capital Courier Services Xcelerator (CCSX) Capabilities:

Online Order Entry:

CCSX makes order entry faster with color coding and multi-screen access for our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and Dispatchers.  Interactive address lookup, quoting, instant recalls, 5 second order entry feature, dynamic rating, service & time warnings, fast, efficient and customizable for all CSRs inputting orders.  Upon completing an order, the online distribution software system user can opt to print a barcode label to attach to each package, part of a comprehensive proof of delivery.  With this robust delivery management system users can easily track the status of shipments and view signatures online.  To see the full details of a shipment, just click the Order Tracking ID.  After clicking the Order Tracking ID, the user is taken to the Order Properties page.  Each package scan is logged separately and every customer’s signature is visible.


Warehouse and inventory management is fast and efficient with CCSX.  CCSX distribution software also enables you to process packages through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).  We can synchronize our barcode scanners for the shipments that come in through EDI in seconds using the Barcode Manager tool.  Inventory and distribution software enables the warehouse to easily perform the received scan, assign shipper specific status codes, create and send an Over, Short or Damage (OS&D) report to the shipper via email or through the established EDI.  CCSX provides the accuracy and accountability that our clients expect.  Our distribution software solution means we will always be able to provide the information you need, when you need it.  CCS distribution software  also includes a warehousing and distribution software module.  Online users can order warehouse “picks” to be attached to a shipment and can also login to see their current available inventory at any time.


Obtaining new and old invoices, making payments, and receiving a line-item detail of your invoices is only a few clicks away.  CCSX powerful logistics software offers built-in accounting that organizes and allows you to accurately verify your invoices.  We offer our clients flexible options for establishing billing terms and we have the ability to easily send their invoices via EDI.  EDI Billing has been proven to save time by allowing clients to receive files with the information required to import into their own accounting package.  This will enable your accounting department to reconcile invoices faster.  CCSX can convert your invoices to electronic PDF files.  For added ease, you can even download and view the PDF invoices right from the online order entry portal. 

Automatic Email Notifications:CCSX has 9 levels of automatic notifications from order entry, order pick-up, order delivery, invoicing, and third party notifications.  All of these are customizable to your compay’s specific needs.System Security and Auditing:CCSX has an advanced customizable internal security system that allows you to set roles and customize specific security levels for modules and reports.  System changes, order changes and even low level information changes are tracked and stored for auditing by managers. 

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