Why Capital Courier Services?

February 21, 2011 No Comments by jkelley

At Capital Courier Services, LLC (CCS), we strive to stand apart.   All courier companies are going to make the claim that they are the best at providing customer service, but only CCS stands at the forefront of this claim.  We know that the main reason we are in the medical courier business is to save the lives of the people depending on our transportation services on a daily basis.  The hundreds of doctors, blood banks, laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals that look to us every day to do what we say we will do, is proof  that we will always be there.  Because at CCS, we know that claims can be made by any company, but saving lives shouldn’t be just a claim, it should be the expectation, because so much is riding on our service. 

“Our Service Will Exceed Your Expectations”